Your Pelvic Floor

Over the weekend, we had our  first ever pelvic floor workshop!! Big thanks to Olivia Dykes for hosting!! 

Olivia’s passion for pelvic health started shortly after having her daughter in 2020. On her postpartum healing journey, she began learning about the pelvic floor (for the first time ever) and its role in our health.

Side note from Olivia: can we just talk about how crazy it is that I am a certified personal trainer and this was not mentioned at all in my training??

After starting down this path, she quickly realized that so many women do not know anything about their pelvic floor. While there’s more resources now than ever before, there seems to be a giant disconnect in connecting women to this information.

So Olivia put together a workshop that encompassed the essentials, a pelvic floor 101, to share the information that we believe every woman needs to know.

Women deserve to know what their pelvic floor is, what it does, how to have a healthy pelvic floor and who to reach out to when they need professional help (and knowing when they might need some help!) That’s exactly what we talked about at this event.

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