Christy Figlio

Christy has always had a love for fitness and dance. She loves teaching classes that motivate others to reach their fitness goals. Christy is certified in Zumba Dance and has her Group Instructor certificate. She provides an array of classes that include full-body movements, core work, and high energy. These classes will get your heart pumping and move your body all while having a great time. She is so excited to have you in one of the classes and to see your strength shine through!

What Christy Offers…


Instructor: Christy ā€“ This 50-minute class is circuit inspired to combine HIIT drills with elements of strength training, intervals, and endurance sets to deliver a fun team experience while providing great results. This class uses light to moderate weights with high reps while being coached through scientifically backed moves that will help you achieve your fitness goals. Every class is different to keep your body guessing!


Instructor: Christy ā€“ Using stretchy bands, this class is heart-healthy and perfect for anyone looking to build their fitness level and endurance. Low-impact exercises including agility, cardio endurance, and strength keep the heart rate elevated throughout the class. This class uses minimal equipment to provide maximum overall wellness.

Zumba Fusion

Instructor: Christy – Everyone is welcome to join in on this Zumba fusion dance class. Build your dance skills and improve your cardiovascular fitness while enjoying different choreography and dance styles such as hip-hop, Latin, Salsa, traditional aerobics, funk, jazz, and more. Zumba provides a workout mixing low-intensity and high-intensity moves to create the ultimate dance party for all ages and levels of fitness.