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Hi! I’m Juli Watson. I have lived in Ashland City since 1997 with my husband, children, and dogs. My two sons graduated from Cheatham County High school. I have always been active in sports inside and outside. In school, I swam year-round and was a lifeguard. Played baseball, softball, and anything that would allow me to move. As an adult, I took up running. Started with a 5k and up to Marathon then decided I needed to try to do a Triathlon (swim, bike, run). Started at sprint distance to a half Ironman(70.3) in my 50’s. After my injuries benched me I found Pilates. It was a game-changer! I am now a Certified Pilates Instructor and a qualified coach of TRX. I am the perfect example that you CAN teach an old dog new tricks.

What Juli Offers…

Mat Pilates – (Anyone)

Full body-based Pilates class for all! . You will first learn to breathe. Many people are surprised that they don’t know how to breathe. It is the first act of life and the last. Then we will move into movements and being aware of our bodies. We will strengthen the core and strengthen and lengthen the whole body while moving the spine in all directions. You will progress your practice at your pace. Safe and challenging exercises.

Even if you have done Pilates in the past, it’s great to get back to basics.

Joseph Pilates said, “ Change happens with movement and movement heals”.

Come see the benefits Pilates can have for you!

Functional Standing Movement – (Anyone)

A mat Pilates class based on movements that will help in everyday life. Strengthening the core and using different props we work through different exercises that you perform in everyday life and may not be aware of. This will help strengthen and lengthen muscles for everyday tasks. You can progress at your pace while performing safely.

Balance, center, and control (Anyone)

Full body-based Pilates but adding props for more center and balance and even adding in some self-myofascial release. If you have sore muscles or your balance is not what it used to be, this class can help. We will ALWAYS work on core and that’s where the control comes in.

You will progress at your pace while performing the exercises safely.