Phoenix Thornburg

Phoenix is a passionate yoga teacher who is dedicated to sharing the peace, freedom, and release of yoga with others. She has found the flexibility, resilience, and compassion she experiences off the mat are companions to her practice on the mat. Teaching and sharing this love for yoga inspired her to complete a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training, and she continues to pursue additional continuing educational yoga courses. Phoenix is honored and excited to help facilitate your yoga practice.

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What Phoenix Offers…

Restorative Yoga

Instructor: Phoenix – A blend of gentle yoga postures combined with restorative techniques; this 50-minute relaxing class is a wonderful way to unwind your nervous system. Poses will be held a little longer to stimulate the rest/reset recalibration of the nervous system from patterns of stress to help facilitate an experience of healing. Reduce your stress level, be present and enjoy the health benefits of this opportunity to release physical & mental stress in the comfort of supported yoga postures. This class is suitable for anyone looking to relax and decompress, reduce stress, anxiety, tension & pain while also supporting the body’s immunity, sleep & healing. These gentle poses are a great complement to more active practices (including our busy lives) and offer an excellent antidote to stress. You will end with a guided relaxation meditation. Stillness is a powerful practice. No experience is required.

Beginner’s Yoga Flow

Instructor: Phoenix – This 50-minute beginner’s yoga session is designed to be an introduction to the practice of yoga, and to assist in building a strong yoga foundation. In this class, you will learn basic breathwork, warm up your spine, practice sun salutations, perform standing and seated poses, and complete your practice with a brief meditation. This class moves at a slower pace, holding each pose for 3-5 breaths, making time for self-awareness, and cultivating self-compassion. Together, we will go deeper than the physical practice of yoga and begin to truly understand the “yoke” or joining of the body and mind, during our shared yoga practice. This class is not only for beginners but for everyone who is interested in practicing the fundamentals of yoga. No experience is required.

Energize Yoga

Instructor: Phoenix – This yoga flow honors individuals’ energetic levels earlier in the morning. This class allows you to arrive and enjoy quiet stillness, warm up and energize the body, and leave class ready to enter the rest of your day with vitality and energy.